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2014 Resolutions:

Be as swift as a coursing river;

With all the force of a great typhoon;

With all the strength of a raging fire;

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

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one time, my sister accidentally sent a picture of her new dog to the wrong number and the recipient was real upset about it



earlier this week, my sister realized that it had been an entire year. she had a new dog and thought he might want to see


then her friend sent him a picture of her cat since he seems to really love animals


i just sent him a picture of my neighbor’s dog, sergeant


now we wait


he mad

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this may not initially look like a scene for a doctor/rose shipper, but if you look deep enough it is easy to see.  it’s a big difference from when jack and the doctor are talking about rose at the beginning of the episode.  in this scene the conversation goes straight to jack’s immortality which obviously leads to rose.  the doctor obviously does not like to think of rose because whenever he does, his face is struck with an expression of complete heartbreak, especially when jack says he’s sorry; you can see in the doctor’s eyes that he just wants to get away from this conversation quickly because it hurts to think about her.

This is a HUGE scene for all characters involved:

  • Jack learns about how he became immortal and what really happened to Rose
  • Martha learns that Rose isn’t just some ex-girlfriend who dumped the Doctor and left him heartbroken, and her face when she realizes that he truly lost the woman he loves is just… Freema, you shipper you, ILU.
  • It’s the first time that the Doctor really talks about what happened to Rose. He talks to Jack about her because Jack knew her, Jack loves her too and Jack knows how much she means to the Doctor. 

Ugh this scene is another EXCELLENT scene in a perfect episode.

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